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Posted on April 14, 2022 at 7:04 am by West Side Rag

By Bob Tannenhauser

Wear a mask or not? Get a second callback or not? Services in person or not? Consider COVID over or not?

Increasingly, the answers to questions like these are left to our own judgment – ​​hopefully based on experience, observation and data. Here are the latest numbers for the Upper West Side.

Covid positivity rates continue to rise. the positivity rate for UWS postal codes for the seven days ending April 9, they were 6.73% for 10025; 7.59% for 10024; 8.12% for 10023; and 10.69% for 10069. The rate for Morningside Heights, ZIP Code 10027, where Columbia and Barnard are located, is 6.7%. Both institutions have begun requiring masks in certain indoor settings, according to the New York Post .

“There is no doubt that the prevalence of Covid19 is increasing in New York, as it is across the United States,” said Dr. Irwin Redlener, founding director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia. “This is mainly because the latest variant of Omicron, BA.2, is incredibly contagious. The good news is that so far we are not seeing an increase in hospitalizations or deaths. Things could- “Do they get worse? Yes. In fact, we could see a whole new surge of Covid in the coming weeks. And I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of bringing back masks or mandatory vaccinations.”

If you’re thinking, “Oh, I’m just going to figure it out and get better,” talk to someone who’s been through “long COVID.” Even mild cases of the disease can lead to lingering problems that can last for months, according to a team of experts from Johns Hopkins Medicine.

So, what are we doing for the holidays? Dr. Redlener offered some simple suggestions:

“People with upper respiratory symptoms or fever should stay away from gatherings outside of the immediate family you normally live with – and get tested. Even if the result is negative, symptomatic people should stay away from others. Conversely, people who are “high risk”, i.e. the elderly or those with weakened immune systems, should try not to be with symptomatic and unvaccinated people, or wear masks medical grade. Young children with symptoms should be considered COVID positive and tested. They can certainly be carriers, as can under-fives, who are not eligible for the vaccine. »

Enjoy your holidays! Be careful, be smart.

Drawing by Notas de prensa via Wikimedia Commons.

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