The triple threat of smoking on the complexity of employers, clinics and drugs: risk and insurance

To examine tobacco use as a complicating factor in the workplace and as a detractor of injured worker outcomes.

Summary of the white paper

They say old habits are hard to break, and tobacco use may be the oldest addictive substance use on record in North America.

Today, the impacts of smoking tobacco products continue to have significant health consequences for the global population as a whole. Despite a significant and continuing decline in the prevalence of smoking since its widespread popularity in the 1960s, the practice still causes nearly half a million deaths each year and remains the number one preventable cause of death in this country. These death rates are only part of the story, because for every death there is exponential morbidity, health care utilization and costs associated with smoking.

Recognized as a risk factor for patients in the occupational health care setting, tobacco use, including smoking, has specific impacts on the employee and injured worker populations.

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