The smart locker system changing accessibility to medication

Pippa Hudson speaks with Right ePharmacy’s Pharmacy Manager for Automation, Belinda Strydom, about the smart locker system – “Collect and Go” – being launched in the Western Cape.

Collecting medicines through public health systems is a major problem in the country for various reasons, including unbearable queues and administrative hurdles, and it is a reality that millions of South Africans are under chronic treatment regularly face.

Collect and Go is a smart locker program already in place in Gauteng, Free State and Mpumalanga and it is opening 11 new sites in the Western Cape to enable citizens to collect their chronic medications from secure locker systems in the province when it suits them best. .

Although the idea originated before the pandemic, COVID-19 has become the perfect time to roll out the service as it allows users to skip the queues and reduce the person-to-person contact typically needed to get their medications.

It works like this: if users are on chronic medications that don’t need close and regular follow-up from their local clinic, they will be referred to the program.

Once on the system, the user’s medications will be pre-packaged each month and sent to the most convenient smart locker site for them where they will be texted once they are there with a one-time use PIN that they can use to access the package.

They can then go to the site, collect their medication and leave. It’s that simple.

To find out more, visit Collect and go website today.

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