Thanking the student union for arranging a much needed medicine delivery service

The University campus urgently needs increased accessibility to many aspects of campus life. Thanks to the Students’ Union, however, a step has been taken in the right direction. On Thursday, October 13, at the direction of Hana Klempnauer Miller ’25, Student Union Director of Accessibility, the Union launched a new initiative to make prescription drugs more accessible through a drug delivery service via the e-pharmacy capsule. Capsule delivers prescriptions the same way as any normal pharmacy, but instead of having to pick them up in person at a store, students can have their prescriptions delivered directly to campus privately and free of charge for delivery. , by a October 4 Department of Justice article.

This Editorial Board commends the Students’ Union for its dedicated efforts to ensure that all students can easily access the medications they need. There are many challenges that make getting prescriptions inaccessible and keep students from getting to the pharmacy, such as mobility issues, lack of transportation, or just a hectic schedule. However, the Capsule prescription delivery service will address these barriers and as such, this council encourages students to take advantage of this important new program.

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