Testolone SARM RAD-140 Dosage, Side Effects, Before and After Results

Review of RAD-140 SARMs

This article is dedicated to highlighting the overall properties, mechanism and effects of the popular SARM, RAD-140. Along with the facts surrounding this drug, it reveals the legitimate before and after results that can influence the purchase decision.
If you want to invest in a powerful compound that improves muscle building momentum, keep reading to find out HOW!

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What is Testolone RAD-140?
It’s natural for bodybuilders and athletes to have this unsettling urge to have an enhanced build. These fanatics also yearn for athletic advantage and superhuman strength that remains unbeatable in in-and-out competition. With all of these as fitness goals, they crave shortcuts that often materialize in the form of anabolic steroids.

However, as everything has a price, anabolic steroids are no exception. Fortunately, the negative narrative or, say, negative image of steroids ultimately rules out these drugs as their only option.

Since the fitness community has long witnessed the aftermath of these illegal substances, it is now moving towards choices that combine safety with the tendency to pack in droves!

Rad140 or Testolone is one of those names that is gaining more and more recognition in contemporary bodybuilding. The drug is a compound of an international biopharmaceutical company, Radius Health Inc, which is committed to providing powerful yet health-friendly solutions.
Interestingly, Testolone comes in with a high anabolic index. It has the power to produce raw muscle mass and strength without compromising health on any level.

Belonging to the group of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs), RAD 140 plays safely as an alternative to anabolic steroids. If you are new to the concept of SARMs, let us explain these drugs to you in a nutshell!

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Basically, SARMs are new anabolic agents, but their presence is becoming more and more popular as performance-enhancing drugs over time. According to experts, the SARMs graph is rapidly moving upwards. This in turn, causing an eventual drop in demand for steroids.
In general, people fall back on SARMs for:
 Build high quality muscle
 Reduce fat percentage
 Improve body composition
 Improve athletic performance
 Gain Herculean strength and stamina
 Promotes muscle recovery
 Encourage recomposition
 Sharpen cognitive functions

However, while SARMs share anabolic powers similar to steroids, the two are poles apart. For example, steroids are man-made hormones while SARMs differentiate into chemicals.

These chemicals activate androgen receptors which are only available in muscle and bone. Steroids, on the other hand, interrupt biological processes in vital organs which greatly increase the likelihood of facing complications.

So yes, SARMs are much safer because they do not alter the physiological composition. Also, unlike the countless negative reports of steroid abuse, none claim hormonal imbalance, liver toxicity, or MRSA-led cancer.

But regardless of the reaction and the apparent safety, SARMs are research chemicals that have yet to receive FDA approval. In other words, these drugs are not available to people for legal purchase. To gain access to these substances, potential buyers are turning to illegal channels, particularly for RAD-140.

Today, witnessing the daily increase in popularity of the RAD 140, the experts presented a glimpse of its original purpose. According to them, the makers of Testolone were keen on synthesizing the drug for medicinal rather than recreational purposes.

They expected the therapeutic compound to work its way into the muscle loss treatment plan. Moreover, its qualities seem equally promising as an androgen replacement therapy and in the treatment of medical conditions like breast cancer.
Thus, Testolone entered the market in 2011! Soon, gym goers discovered that it could cause impressive mass development and that too, at an incredible rate.
The rest became history then!

Dosage of RAD 140:
In most cases, the powers of Testolone are enough to complete a bulking cycle. But it’s also common for some to stack the substance for additional, more potent effects.
Of course, since the drug is in the research phase, no authority has come forward with details regarding its dosage. However, professionals from the bodybuilding company claim that its ideal concentration is 10mg. These people further suggest that the drug generates optimum results in an 8-week cycle. Thus, use should not be continued unless instructed otherwise.
Now there are several combinations that pair brilliantly with the rad 140. For instance:

Stack 1:
It is a trio of three effective drugs namely Testolone, MK-677 and S23. Testolone is very supportive of muscle engorgement, while MK-677 has better adhesion to prevent muscle loss. S23, on the other hand, recreates the effects of testosterone, an anabolic hormone, and therefore supports strength levels and fat loss.
In conjunction with each other, the three performance-enhancing substances offer a plethora of versatile results. Ideally, the cycle continues for 8 weeks with doses of 10mg, 30mg and 10mg in that order.
Interestingly, people who have followed this stacking pattern claim to add 22 pounds by the end of the cycle.

Stack 2:
This one too, promises to rock this big beast in fashion thanks to the extraordinary qualities of its components! Basically, the combo includes Testolone and Ligandrol which you may know as LGD-4033. With this duo in action, the former takes charge of bulk packaging. The other, Ligandrol serves as a fat burner most of the time. Together, the two promise higher strength levels, faster muscle recovery, and sleeves full of lean mass!
The duration of this cycle is relatively shorter and lasts 6 weeks in total. Likewise, the recommended dosage of Testolone remains 10mg and therefore the dosage of Ligandrol.
Also, when discussing the strength of the RAD 140, we will learn that the LGD-4033 shares a parallel value in this regard. However, experts believe that the mix is ​​more favorable for those who have just embarked on their bodybuilding journey!

RAD-140 results

Now, there are several factors that contribute to fitness goals rather than the exclusive use of performance-enhancing substances. As we know, the most obvious of all is to follow a planned diet and be consistent with workouts.
Checking these factors increases the percentage gain of 7-11 pounds of fat-free mass at the end of the cycle. Fortunately, RAD-140 brilliantly mimics steroid-like effects without inflicting any health-damaging chemicals or hormones.

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Throughout the cycle, users are likely to see the following changes or, for example, improvements:
 Intense growth of lean muscle mass:
Strenuous workouts cause microscopic tears in muscle tissue. To repair and duplicate these tissues through cytokinesis, muscles need a higher protein supply. Testolone stimulates protein synthesis which triggers the production of this key macronutrient. The proteins then facilitate the recovery process, allowing the generation of more cells and tissues to fill in the tear-related gaps. Therefore, all these steps towards bigger and better muscle mass growth
 Improve the level of energy, strength and endurance:
The compound improves metabolism, resulting in a major improvement in how our body metabolizes energy. As the body begins to store more energy, you can perform these rigorous workouts without any crashes. It further reduces recovery times, so you can increase the volume as well as the quality of workouts
 Stimulates fat burning for a taller, leaner frame:
RAD-140 triggers recomposition for the body to build muscle while losing excessive amounts of fat. This is one of the reasons why many prefer its broad-spectrum nature over other SARMs. By speeding up the rate of metabolism and stimulating muscle production, it puts the body in a state where there is no choice but to give up excess fat!
 Protects muscles from unexpected loss:
Building muscle is a complex task, but what’s more of a challenge is preserving those gains from unnecessary loss. Testolone promotes fat loss, but that doesn’t change how it processes your muscles. Research suggests that aside from bulking and cutting, its wide-ranging effects protect muscles from possible wastage. All these qualities make the RAD 140 a unique model

RAD 140 Before and After
Overall, RAD 140 has garnered accolades from the fitness community who literally depend on these substances for massive transformations. Interestingly, many enthusiasts have claimed that the drug perfectly balances bulking and cutting in the body.
Rightly so, it’s a bulking substance without allowing fat to mask your hard-earned mass. According to the feedback, this does not leave you waiting for this change any longer. The effects are fast and very suitable for almost any fitness goal set by enthusiasts.
Some users also believe that RAD 140 results are helpful in breaking plateaus encompassing muscle building and fat loss. Few opinions indicated that the drug acts as the ideal substitute for low doses of testosterone. Overall, people swear they see incredible results in almost every area, including strength and muscle recovery.

Currently, no users have reported any Rad 140 side effects that may raise the security alarm. However, there may be slight changes like nausea or maybe an upset stomach at first. Until then, some are waiting for formal FDA approval, others are making the most of this holistic approach to going big!

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