Tell Giselle: Recovered Sweet Side COVID Considerations

I was asked about my first episode of COVID and since learning some new information from the experience that would have been helpful if I had known before my infection, I thought I would share this with you in the hope that it helps you or someone around you.

Several of my neighbors were all hit by COVID within weeks of each other, although they didn’t mix with each other in a way that could be called a “superspreading event”. There are two recurring themes: no one knows for sure where they got the coronavirus, they only have some reasonable ideas of how they got it. Me too; and our symptoms varied widely, as did our approach to self-care.

Let’s start with my infection. I was not feeling well in June after taking care of one of my toddler grandchildren who had spent the night with me. She had had a fever but really didn’t seem too bothered. Knowing she wasn’t 100%, I immediately followed my self-care protocol whenever I felt something might “happen”, which included advice from a French doctor who works with virus and COVID patients with great success.

Zinc supplementation at a defined dose for a defined period of time, along with other nutritional elements, has been shown to be clinically beneficial. Using the protocol in the past seemed to make a difference for me, in how well I stayed healthy and kept my immune system functioning until my setback.

I felt tired, but not constant, but with this general feeling of meh. I was aware that my legs hurt from time to time, but not intensely. Just a feeling of nuisance.

I had no head cold symptoms, no cough, no fever, no sore throat. I haven’t lost my sense of smell or taste. No nothing. Which means nothing to complain about. Certainly nothing to convince me that COVID had entered my body.

I decided to indulge myself with bed rest and all the conveniences that can come your way whenever you have a fully stocked fridge/freezer and pantry, a really lovely caregiver support system in place and that you live with reliable Wi-Fi connectivity.

After three days, I decided it was wise to take a COVID test. Besides, I was curious. I wasn’t thrilled to see those positive test lines, so I repeated the test.

The call to my doctor’s office led me to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy for Paxlovid. I drove myself and thought it was absurdly stupid that someone who had tested positive, who had symptoms, still had to go to the pharmacy to get the antiviral and confirm they had tested positive.

I walked into the store, told them why I was there, then they asked me to get out and sit in my car until they brought me the drugs.

Just be aware that it is not enough that your doctor has called the prescription confirming that you need this medication. A positive COVID test is required.

Paxlovid is an antiviral provided to a certain subset of us within the first five days of illness, supplied under an emergency use authorization, which comes in a box of bubble blisters. You take three pills in the morning, another three pills in the evening, for five days.

That’s unless you experience COVID rebound symptoms after this five-day protocol, as Dr. Anthony Fauci announced. You may end up on another round of doses as he chose to take, or you get another remedy that hopefully doesn’t include hospitalization.

After taking just one full day, starting with the nighttime dose and swallowing the next three pills in the morning, I experienced unbearable side effects. To the point where I felt that this drug was doing me a lot more harm than good. So I stopped taking the pills. I threw them away.

Big mistake.


Because when I realized a few days later that I wanted to report my horrible side effects to my doctor so she could report them to the manufacturer, I no longer had the box information, serial number, etc. that were required on the spam report form.

So, big lesson. If you are taking Paxlovid, or ingesting any medication or using any product with which you want to report your experience to your doctor or the manufacturer, be sure to leave out the product code information before writing down the data. relevant.

If you want to know more details about my side effects, you can email me. Tip: Having packs of Preparation H Formula Maximum Strength Medicated Hemorrhoid Wipes with Aloe Vera (and Witch Hazel) is a game-changer.

My partner started not feeling well and he tested positive two days later. He rode the Paxlovid. He felt some of the nasty side effects I had, but he stuck with the five day course and says he thinks Paxlovid helped him.

An interesting possible side effect of COVID, and possibly even Paxlovid, is that the coffee no longer tasted good. It tasted oddly bitter. No amount of cream fixed the taste. So I stopped having my morning cup of coffee.

A neighbor who had terrible coughing fits and worse symptoms than me or my partner, and who was not taking Paxlovid, told me when I asked him what his morning coffee tasted like, said two cups very strong in the morning were the only things that helped him feel a little better when he was sick. His taste for coffee hasn’t diminished like mine.

It’s been several weeks now and I’m out of coffee.

I don’t feel like I need it and, even more surprisingly, I actually think I feel better not having that strong cup in the morning. Considering I’ve been a morning coffee drinker since second grade, that’s saying something. What, I don’t know. But I go with it.

One of the side effects of Paxlovid is that it can cause you to experience quite an unpleasant taste sensation even when you are not eating. It’s hard to describe the effect, but I think it’s like licking a carbon steel frying pan, although I’ve never done that. For a gourmand, this is particularly inconvenient.

The drug warning mentions this bad taste effect. Know that it’s real, and if you choose to try Paxlovid, make sure you have enough variety of foods and drinks, just in case you have a strong aversion to the taste and need to keep trying. different options. If you’re also a foodie, it shouldn’t be difficult.

Since variants continue to plague the populace, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself with all the supplies you’ll need to cover yourself for a good period of time.

The fabulous upside of having had COVID is not that I feel extraordinarily wonderful again. I haven’t suffered terribly from COVID. It didn’t cost me my life and didn’t leave me with miserable lingering symptoms.

What COVID has given me beyond gaining an improved level of immunity is a delicious new ritual. Now, instead of java, I drink hot chocolate every morning.

Being the chocolate lover that I am, I hope this ritual will last me the rest of my healthy life.

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