Teesside Pharmacy warns of drug shortages due to ‘increasing costs, staffing and Brexit’

A Teesside pharmacy has issued a warning about shortages of lifesaving medicines as staff struggle to stock up.

Dormanstown Pharmacy, based in Ennis Road in the Dormanstown area of ​​Redcar, says it is experiencing drug shortages across a range of health areas, including HRT – reported as a national problem – epilepsy, acne, contraception and more. Popular brands such as Beechams, children’s medicines Calpol and Gaviscon, as well as generic drugs like paracetamol, are also affected, the pharmacy said.

The shortages are nationwide and affect all pharmacies in the UK. Pharmacists are now spending more time trying to source drugs from wholesalers or other pharmacies and ultimately cannot get them, Dormanstown staff said.

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The chemist says wholesalers don’t have enough staff in warehouses and depots to pick the drugs or enough drivers to deliver them. Dormanstown staff usually place an order expecting to receive medicine in the next run, but recently missing and incorrect supplies have arrived with too much or too little medicine.

This creates additional work and stress for the pharmacy team, said a spokesperson, who then spend more time creating credit notes – but it is ultimately the patient who suffers in the end. Unable to receive the drugs they need, many patients become angry and directly abuse pharmacy staff, he said.

Brexit has exacerbated the situation, the pharmacy said, as workers have returned to their home countries, meaning there are no longer enough people available to work at wholesaler depots and fulfillment centres. distribution.

A spokesperson for Dormanstown Pharmacy said: “Product supply across all industries has been impacted by rising raw material costs, personnel resources, fuel and energy costs, and the pharmaceutical industry is no different. Additionally, we need to recognize the impact of Brexit on these rising costs.

The Dormanstown Pharmacy is part of the Imaan Healthcare Group which took over the service in February 2022. The pharmacy offers services including repeat prescriptions, blood pressure testing, hypertension service, emergency contraception, vaccinations and screening for type 2 diabetes.

A shortage of menopause management medication, HRT, has been in the health headlines lately, leading a doctor to warn women not to substitute their medications with two common hacks. Doctor Mitra Duttqualified general practitioner since 2008 who now works for LloydsPharmacy Online Doctorwarned patients against buying what they are told is HRT on the black market or sharing a friend’s prescriptions.


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