South Tees launches electronic prescription and medication system

South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has commissioned an electronic Prescribing and Medication Administration (ePMA) system from Better.

Its deployment in hospital and outpatient areas is the next step in the trust’s modular electronic patient record (ECR) program with Alicidion. The ePMA fully integrates with Alicidion’s EPR, Miya Precision, which the trust rolled out late last year.

The goal of implementing an ePMA is to eliminate paper forms and manual processes, as well as support confident prescribing decisions.

With ePMA, South Tees will have an improved audit trail of every dose of medication administered, meaning staff can have access to easier visibility of when patients should take their medication. In addition to monitoring the expiration date of medications, the system will also provide trend analysis allowing staff to easily identify potential issues at an early stage so that quick action can be taken.

Additionally, codified data will support South Tees in its financial reporting. This will make it easier for him to tie drugs to specific patients, allowing him to recoup money that can then be reinvested in patient care.

Daniel Pugh, Senior Computer Pharmacy Technician for South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The integration of e-prescribing into our Alcidion EPR links medication information with patient assessments, allergies, lab results , vital signs, etc.

“This provides a safety barrier that will help prescribers make more informed decisions for patients. It will also save clinicians valuable time, for example, with easy access to standardized prescription sets and the ability to prescribe from anywhere.

The implementation of ePMA also marks a significant milestone in South Tees’ journey through the HIMSS electronic medical records adoption model.

Roko Malkoč, Business Unit Director, Better Meds, added: “South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has demonstrated great digital transformation maturity, resulting from excellent internal alignment driven by an experienced team. We believe that working with Alcidion as part of the trust will bring direct benefits with real-time access to all health data for caregivers.

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