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COVID cases in Florida topped 20,000 on Friday, the highest number we’ve seen since mid-February. But the number of hospitalizations remains low, so experts are not sounding the alarm.

“Largely because there is a significant amount of personal immunity from vaccine or exposure, we are not reaching a level that poses a serious threat to public health,” said expert Dr Aileen Marty. in infectious diseases at Florida International University.

Marty said vaccination rates and drug interventions keep people from going to hospital.

What is Paxlovid?

Paxlovid is one of the newest antiviral pills now widely available in South Florida.

The treatment is a three-pill daily regimen prescribed for people with more severe cases of COVID who have not escalated to hospitalization.

Paxlovid received FDA approval in December, making it difficult to get much of omicron’s push. In January, only 50,000 courses of the pill were sent to the United States every two weeks. That number now stands at 2.5 million courses delivered to pharmacies in April.

“We currently have a lot more in the states in pharmacies than we take out every day, which is good news,” said Dr. Cameron Webb, senior adviser to the White House COVID task force. “It is widely available for people to use.”

Is Paxlovid available in South Florida?

Several pharmacies in Miami-Dade and Broward counties report that they have Paxlovid on hand. A local doctor told NBC6 his patients were able to find him.

“They may not have it at one location in this pharmacy, but they go to other locations and they find it in the community,” said Dr. Carlos Riveros, internal medicine specialist at United Medical. Specialties.

Is Paxlovid safe and does it have any side effects?

“Paxlovid is very safe, has little risk of side effects, and almost 90% of the time keeps people out of hospital,” Marty said. “It’s one of the main tools in our arsenal that helps reduce the number of people who have had to be hospitalized in the past.

Even with this new COVID therapeutic, doctors are still encouraging everyone to keep an eye on levels of transmission in the community and stay on their toes.

“The virus is still there and transmissible, so we’re going to expect more cases as people don’t take care of themselves,” Riveros said.

When Paxlovid is taken within five days of symptoms, it has been shown to be 88% effective in preventing hospitalization and death. The United States has ordered enough pills for 20 million people, which is expected to last several more months.

Paxlovid is made by Pfizer and available for patients age 12 and older and weighing at least 88 pounds.

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