RTL Today – Reporting vaccine side effects: Minister of Health asks Patient Advocacy Group to remove form from site

The Patient Advocacy Group recently introduced an online form that allows people who have experienced side effects from the Covid-19 vaccination to report them.

In her response to a parliamentary question from MPs Carole Hartmann and Gusty Graas of the Democratic Party (DP), Health Minister Paulette Lenert said that the Patient Advocacy Group (Patientevertryedung) was asked to remove this form and direct people to the national system.

It was a “unilateral initiative” by the patient advocacy group, which had not been approved by the National Board of Health, Lenert said, adding that she was “not happy” with this. approach. Moreover, the minister pointed out, there is no legal basis for a database like the one the Patient Advocacy Group is trying to build.

Lenert also confirmed that last week a meeting took place between the patient advocacy group, the “Pharmacy and Pharmaceuticals” division and the head of the National Directorate of Health. According to the Minister, the meeting allowed the three parties to agree to work together in order to improve the national system in this particular regard.

However, Tuesday morning, the form in question was still accessible on the site of the Patient Advocacy Group.

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