PHCC launches medication appointment reminder service

The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) has announced the launch of an SMS service to remind patients of their medication schedule via health center pharmacies that have already been automatically prescribed by the attending physician one week before the due date. drug delivery.
Through this service, patients are reminded again of the prescribed medication dispensing schedule three days before the exact time once the patient has not received their medication, either by going to the health center or by capitalizing on the home delivery service.
In this regard, the Director of Health Information Systems at PHCC Alexandra Tarazi indicated that the service will also be available in the future on the PHCC’s “Nar’aakom” phone application, in addition to the drug delivery service. through access to the personal account on the application.
For her part, the Director of Pharmacy of the PHCC, Dr. Manal Al Zaidan highlighted the continuation of the application of the service of delivery of medicines to homes in collaboration with Qatar Post through the contact with the telephone numbers of the centers of health via the WhatsApp application which has been dedicated to each health center, specifying that the service is available now for all people who have registered in the health centers, affirming that the PHCC has all the drugs needed in sufficient quantity, adding that people should not worry about any potential shortage of any kind of drugs.

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