Pharmacy bill will tackle distribution of fake drugs – PSN

The President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria has revealed that the Pharmacy Bill will reduce inappropriate medicine distribution channels that have made the country notorious for fake medicine syndrome.

The company’s chairman, Cyril Usifo revealed this during the PSN’s 95th annual conference held in Jos, Plateau State.

Usifo hailed the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari for what he described as historic assent to the pharmacy bill.

He said, “We express our gratitude to the FG and especially President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR for his historic assent to the Pharmacy Bill. I find it imperative to demand from the Presidency and other appropriate branches of government that the Pharmacy Bill has the propensity to restore normality to our channels of distribution of indecent drugs which have made Nigeria famous for the fake drug syndrome.

“This quirk is surmountable through proactive action of adequate funding from the NCP and other agencies that regulate drug distribution channels, particularly NAFDAC and NDLEA.

“We must maintain audit trails of drug distribution from manufacturers and importers to distributors, retailers, VMP resellers and hospitals in both the public and private sectors. Once we begin to monitor and control the value chain in drug delivery efforts, our journey to achievement begins.

The Usifo, however, instructed the presidential candidates of the various political parties to start thinking about how to accelerate new but substantial investments in health care, adding that the pharmaceutical sector offers the greatest prospects for this. regard.

He also urged the federal government to stimulate a functional petrochemical industry that guarantees an industrial revolution beyond the pharmaceutical industry, adding that Nigerian pharmacists must become primary producers of APIs, excipients, equivalents, packaging materials and all other finished products in a determined attempt to achieve drug sufficiency and safety.

Speaking on recent statements by some concerned stakeholders to develop a holistic resource model for academic pharmacy in Nigeria, Usifo said that the PSN is leading initiatives to establish the National College of Post Graduate Pharmacists.

He said, “Our goal is to restructure the entire postgraduate college-university relationship management architecture through appropriate regulatory platforms in the education sector so that new sets of advantages benefit all those involved in the process of training pharmacists of both cycles. and postgraduate levels.

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