Parcel Health launches sustainable drug packaging pilot program

Parcel Health, a women-founded drug packaging startup focused on creating durable and functional prescription packaging, has launched its first pilot program. Ten independent pharmacies are now testing Parcel Health’s first product, the Phill Box, which is a recyclable, compostable, water-resistant and easy-to-use alternative to plastic pill boxes.

“This is the next generation of drug packaging,” says Kyle McCormick, PharmD of Blueberry Pharmacy in Pittsburgh. “It’s a fantastic product that is leading the industry into a sustainable future.”

“Uptown Drugs is always interested in environmentally friendly products and recycling,” adds Chris Profitt, PharmD of Uptown Drug in Arizona. “We are very happy to participate in the pilot program.”

Pilot pharmacies are located in 10 different cities across the East Coast, West Coast, South, and Midwest. Many pharmacies offer fast prescription transfer and free delivery, making changing easy and convenient for patients.

“The healthcare industry is a very carbon-intensive service sector, accounting for 4-5% of global emissions. With 8 billion plastic pill containers used in the United States each year, this will be one of the easiest ways for any healthcare provider to reduce their carbon footprint,” comments Melinda Lee, PharmD, co-founder and CEO of Parcel. Health. “The Phill Box is made with sustainably sourced paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and requires 30% less carbon emissions to produce compared to plastic bottles. Every element of the Phill Box has been manufactured and designed with care for the environment, patients and pharmacies.

Pharmacies interested in using the Phill Box™ can apply to enroll in the next pilot program scheduled for this summer.

Additional program information is available on the Parcel Health website at Interested patients and pharmacists can also send inquiries to [email protected]

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