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As we age, the stem cells in our body become less and less effective. This means that it takes longer for our body to heal injuries and deal with inflammation. Many medical researchers are studying stem cell therapy, where stem cells from a younger person are injected into an older person.

Stem cell therapy is very expensive, not guaranteed, and not approved in most countries. But pharmacist Michelle Gray, owner of Gray’s Prep Pharmacy in Kimberley, is excited about a different product that focuses on revitalizing our stem cells, rather than replacing them.

“It’s non-invasive, non-transdermal, self-guided, and since it doesn’t contain any medications, it’s very unlikely to conflict with other medications,” she says.

The product is LifeWave, a range of patches that use phototherapy to support our body’s ability to heal. Our bodies naturally emit infrared heat and LifeWave patches reflect a certain wave of light into the tissues to stimulate a biophotochemical response.

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“Our bodies are very good at healing themselves, but inflammation and toxins can get in the way of that healing. I think the LifeWave patches remove some of that stagnation and help the body return to its natural state,” Michelle says. “J ‘ve seen its positive effects on myself and my close friends and family, and I’m ready to share it with more people.”

For relief from cystic acne causing extreme pain, Michelle’s son tried the Y-Age Glutathione patch for two weeks and then added the X39 patch. When Michelle asked for his advice, he said he noticed it was easier to breathe through his nose (chronic sinusitis) and his grip strength had improved (anterior thumb tendon tears while playing hockey).

“I kept asking for more feedback until he finally said, ‘Oh yeah, it helped me with acne too!’ It’s easy to see the skin heal and the inflammation go down,” says Michelle.

Some people say they notice results within minutes, but for some it can take days or weeks to know for sure if the LifeWave patches will have an effect on your body.

“It’s just the beginning, but I’m excited to share more information with those who are curious – and to hear people’s thoughts!”

LifeWave Fixes:

  • X39: Suggested for long term general use and works synergistically with other patches. “This causes the body to raise a type of copper peptide called GHK-Cu. It occurs naturally in our bodies, but we produce less and less of it as we age. GHK-Cu is involved in cellular recovery , so the X39 patch can help with wound healing and recovery after exercise,” says Michelle.
  • X49: Supports a healthy brain and cardiovascular system. Supports healthy weight and muscle building.
  • Energy Booster: “This patch is suggested to increase energy and stamina, but one of my patients tried using Energy Enhancer to manage Restless Leg Syndrome. This patient said it was the first thing that worked for him for a long time,” says Michelle.
  • Carnosine Y-Age: Helps our body burn fat for fuel, improve endurance, strength and flexibility. Beneficial for heart imbalance and sugar issues.
  • Glutathione Y-Age: “Glutathione is made in our gut and used for detoxification and as an immune system booster,” Michelle explains.
  • IceWave: Suggested for acute and chronic pain situations. “A patient of mine had a rotator cuff tear and couldn’t really move his shoulder unaided without severe pain. We tried the IceWave patch, and it reduced his pain enough that he can now use physiotherapy to fix the root problem.
  • Age Y Aeon: Helps our body balance the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and the parasympathetic nervous system (rest, digest, relax). Y-Age Aeon is used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-stress patch.
  • Silent Nights: Intended to help restless sleepers.
  • Alavida: Helps the body produce collagen to rejuvenate the skin.
  • SP6: May help balance hormones, as well as reduce hunger.
  • AcuLife: Aimed at horses in pain, Michelle would be happy to help a customer test the AcuLife patch.

Learn more about LifeWave at you can discover clinical evidence. When you’re ready to chat with Pharmacist Michelle Gray, call 250-427-0038 to schedule an appointment at Gray’s Compounding Pharmacy, 417B 304th Street on Highway 95 at Kimberley. Discover other services on

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