Moringa (Drumstick Tree): Benefits, Safety, Dosage and More

Moringa leaf, powdered or dried, is the most common form of supplement in the United States, LaVardera says. The potential health benefits discussed below involve moringa powder or extract (aka a supplement in pill form) and may apply to the whole moringa leaf, although further studies are needed to determine this. be certain.

Support Immunity

Moringa provides a good source of vitamin C, an antioxidant nutrient that supports immune function and collagen production, says LaVardera. She points out that the specific concentrations of nutrients like vitamin C vary widely between brands. Since the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) does not have the nutrient profile for moringa available on its website, you will need to consult the Nutrition Facts table for the product you are using. For example, one brand of moringa powder sold by Thrive Market contains 9 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C per ½ teaspoon of moringa powder. Bonus: C helps the body absorb iron better (in the same serving of moringa, 5% of your daily intake is covered).

Reduce inflammation

“I consider moringa in the functional food category. We eat a lot of these foods for the beneficial plant compounds that you won’t necessarily see on the package,” says LaVardera. One of those big categories? Polyphenols. These are natural compounds within the plant that protect it as it grows, LaVardera explains. When you consume these polyphenols in any form, they stimulate your own body’s antioxidant activity which neutralizes cell-damaging free radicals. This is useful for reducing inflammation in the body that underlies chronic disease, she says.

Although there are thousands of known polyphenols, there are a few of note in moringa.

These include beta-sitosterol, quercetin and kaemferol, which are compounds that may play a role in lowering cholesterol,

reduce inflammation,

and possibly prevent cancer,

LaVardera notes, citing research.

May help prevent diabetes

In a small study of people with prediabetes, those who took 2,400mg of dried moringa leaf powder daily improved fasting blood sugar and A1C levels over 12 weeks better than a placebo, trial finds double-blind randomized.

Moringa is theorized to help regulate enzymes involved in glucose metabolism, perhaps in part due to polyphenols in the plant.

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