MegaPro, CCPC and Wellbridge Jointly Establish Inhalation Dosage Forms Company

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MegaPro, CCPC and Wellbridge Jointly Establish Inhalation Dosage Forms Company

MegaPro Biomedical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “MegaPro”, Taiwan OTC Stock Code: 6827) and China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TWSE: 1701, referred to as “CCPC”) jointly announced an agreement with Wellbridge Biotech Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wellbridge”) to enter into an agreement to form a joint venture — Trium Therapeutics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Trium”). MegaPro will own 30% of Trium, CCPC will own 40% and Wellbridge will own a 30% stake; the chairman and the general manager will be appointed by CCPC and MegaPro respectively.

MegaPro states that the newly created Trium will focus on the development of new drugs in new dosage forms of inhalation dosage forms. For some years, pharmaceutical companies have been looking for non-invasive routes of administration (such as the nasal cavity or the lung) to improve the convenience and comfort of patients when taking drugs, while increasing the bioavailability of the main components. It has become a popular area of ​​current pharmaceutical preparation, and it is also the primary research and development focus of the three companies’ joint venture to create Trium.

According to an inhaler market research report by DATA BRIDGE, a professional research machine, the market size is expected to reach US$ 42.1 billion by 2027, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 5, 87%. The growth mainly results from the fact that when patients inhale preparations into the lungs, the main components of the drug can be rapidly absorbed due to the characteristics of the large contact area of ​​the lungs and the densely positioned blood capillaries inside, this which allows the main components of the drug to be rapidly absorbed. This can greatly improve the convenience and therapeutic effect of drug use, and in addition to the simplicity and convenience of using inhalation dosage forms, related applications of inhaled dosage forms are expected to continue to flourish in the years to come.

MegaPro states that in this case of collaboration, the company will use its expertise in improving drug delivery technology in new drugs in new dosage forms to develop various dosage forms of inhaled preparations through nano- platforms, and it also plans to conduct relevant animal experiments. and human clinical trials; CCPC owns GMP producing pharmaceutical factories and sales channels at home and abroad. In the future, it will be responsible for the mass production and preparation of drugs needed for clinical trials and the marketing of drugs once it enters the market in the future; Wellbridge is a Chinese medical nebulizer company that is said to provide the technical information needed to develop inhaled dosage forms, in addition to providing the equipment required for inhaled dosage forms.

Dr. Jassy Wang, Managing Director of MegaPro, said, “Trium Therapeutics combines the nano dosage form technology of MegaPro BioMedical Co., the unique nebulizer equipment design and manufacturing technology of Wellbridge Biotech Ltd. and technology from China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co. Group. drug development and manufacturing capabilities. The combination of the three parties, having established a solid technical and commercial basis, will surely provide patients with more effective, safe and easy-to-use drug products in the future. MegaPro BioMedical Co. is honored to have the opportunity to work with two outstanding companies in the development of inhalation preparations.

Wu Zhiyong, General Manager of CCPC, said, “The technology related to the development and production of oral dosage forms is relatively well developed and widely used by pharmaceutical companies manufacturing generic drugs. Therefore, how to expand special treatment routes, develop new treatment areas, and overcome the therapeutic limits of fast-acting and long-acting oral preparations has become the next phase of development of the pharmaceutical industry. This case of collaboration combines the development of special dosage forms from MegaPro BioMedical Co., the inhalation device technology from Wellbridge Biotech Ltd. and the mass production and quality control capabilities of China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. surely become a paragon for Taiwanese pharmaceutical companies to enter the research and development of new drugs. ”

Trium has now completed screening of drug candidates and indications as well as preliminary animal testing. Going forward, research and development processes such as stability testing, scale-up, animal GLP testing, and phase I clinical trials of related drugs should be carried out according to schedule. We are eager to show dedication and contribute to the convenience of medicine and treatment effect.

Feature: MegaPro, CCPC and Wellbridge Jointly Establish Inhalation Dosage Forms Company

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