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When your doctor prescribes a medicine for you to treat an acute or chronic medical condition, he wants you to take it according to doctor’s orders. Only research shows that among people who have been prescribed long-term medications, about half will not take them as prescribed. Both Courtney Feist and Jonathan Feist are on the front lines of the Lewis Drug Pharmacy in Sioux Falls, where they see the challenge of getting people to take their medications as prescribed every day. They stopped by to tell us about a unique system the pharmacists at Lewis Drug have developed that aims to take away some of the confusion that can cause people to skip or stop taking their medications on the advice of their doctor. .

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Lewis has been a trusted neighborhood pharmacy and market leader for nearly 80 years. Expert advice and quick top-ups at longer hours and more convenient locations. You can find the nearest neighborhood pharmacy to you online at Online prescription refills are available through the RX Local app and your local Lewis pharmacists can give you COVID shots, flu shots and offer health checkups to keep you on the path to wellness.

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