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Guam Memorial Hospital is suffering from a drug shortage due to ongoing supply chain issues, but according to Cindy Hanson, the hospital’s public information officer, patient care is unaffected.

On September 9, a memorandum from the Chief Hospital Pharmacist of GMH sent to all medical, pharmaceutical and nursing staff informed that the hospital is currently out of stock or out of stock of several drugs.

“There is currently a nationwide drug shortage due to ongoing supply chain issues. GMH has been affected and is running out of some medications although the medications were ordered on time,” Hanson said.

“Notable shortages include dextrose 50% water, lidocaine 1% inj, lidocaine 2% inj, bupivacaine 0.5% int, amino acids 10% (adult formulation), Alteplase 2mg inj, verapamil inj and esmolol inj,” the memo reads.

The drugs, according to an unnamed local doctor, are used in the treatment of life-threatening illnesses, heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, surgical pain, cardiac dysthymia.

The doctor voiced his concerns and noted, “The problem is not what we are missing from medicine. The real problem is why we lack vital medicines. GMH is now forcing Guam to answer the question, “Which of your children is the most important?” Which child is the one you would least want to die from? »

Although GMH must align with the rest of the country as orders wait to be filled, the hospital does not believe patient care is at risk.

“Fortunately, this has not affected the care patients receive as we still have medication in stock awaiting our order to arrive,” Hanson said. “There is only one drug that we no longer have, due to a nationwide shortage. In fact, we recently received a request from one of our care partners health who also no longer has this medicine and we have not been able to help him.”

GMH claimed they had the drugs needed to treat heart patients and stroke victims.

According to the memo, therapeutic alternatives may be available in some cases, and while no alternatives were specifically identified, healthcare professionals were urged to contact GMH’s pharmacy to see what is available or to obtain a status update.

For a comprehensive list of national drug shortages, Hanson has provided links to the following two online databases: and

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