Folkestone mum seriously ill after pharmacy gave her wrong medicine

A Folkestone mum has issued an urgent warning to people to check their prescription medication after a mistake left her seriously ill. Stacey Piper, 41, learned she had taken a toxic amount of the wrong drug after a pharmacy put its correct prescription label on the wrong pills.

Unaware of any errors, Stacey took the wrong medication for a week before becoming so ill she had to go to the emergency room. Not only had she taken the wrong medication, but she had taken enough to amount to an overdose thanks to incorrect label instructions.

Luckily, her daughter checked her prescription when she started developing mysterious symptoms, but Stacey said it could have been a lot worse. And now she’s urging people to be vigilant about their medications.

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She said: “I went to get my new prescription for my anxiety and my anti-sickness, which I’ve been taking since I picked them up on the 1st. I started to feel a little funny the next day, but I didn’t didn’t think about it and just continued.

“The next day I was unable to get up from my sofa, I couldn’t lift my head, I was dizzy and a lot of other things. Then I started getting sick thinking I was really going to wrong.

“All week I continued to take my meds until last night, after being unable to look after my own children for a week my daughter said, ‘Mom, let me check your meds’ .the label of my medication, but I was given the wrong pills.

“Instead of anti-illness, I was given dementia medication, which is supposed to be 10mg max per day. I took 30mg. I was picked up by an ambulance and I sat in A&E for seven hours to be told I took a toxic amount because of my weight, but I just have to wait for all the side effects to go away.

“The moral of the story is check your meds guys, it could have happened to someone giving a kid meds or even an elderly person. I’m very lucky my daughter checked.”

Stacey said the pharmacist at Mistvale Chemist in Canterbury Road put the right medicine label on the wrong medicine. KentLive contacted Mistvale for comment, but was told that its headquarters in Welling would comment.

The head office did not respond at the time of publication of this report. KentLive has also contacted NHS England, East Kent Hospitals Trust and Kent and Medway CCG, who said they were not responsible for the error.

Stacey said: “The hospital said I took a toxic amount because of my weight because the medicine they gave me is once a day, but the medicine I thought I was taking, which is anti -sick, I take it 2-3 times a day So I guess I overdosed but since it wasn’t taken all at once I just have to wait for all the side effects to leave my system.

“Unfortunately, I have all the side effects that come with the medications that were wrongly given to me. They said if I had taken that amount all at once, it would have been a completely different scenario.

“My blood was clear. I had a cannula and sat in a chair for seven hours, had anti-sickness and paracetamol in my cannula before I was discharged at 5am yesterday (8 June).

“I still feel very dizzy, I can’t even walk around my house without feeling like I’m going to pass out. I haven’t been able to be alone and I can’t take care of my own children.

“My baby’s father had to stay here all week to take care of all my children. My nine-year-old son has only been to school once this week because he doesn’t want to leave me.

“I just want to warn people to check their meds.”

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