Establishment of a “one-stop” drug supply service

The lockdown has posed drug supply problems for people with chronic conditions who run out of commonly used pills and others who need emergency medication.

The Xin’an district in the new city of Anting has developed a “one-stop” distribution service to meet their needs.

At the end of March, the neighborhood assembled a group of volunteers to carry out dispensation services for residents. A team of seven pharmaceutical professionals was formed.

“Volunteers include pharmacists, drug testers and medical practitioners. They all have specific professional expertise,” said Hong Lijuan, director of the neighborhood committee.

The Xin’an district oversees seven residential compounds. Each member of the seven-person team is responsible for distributing drugs within a compound.

Once residents report their medication needs to the committee, volunteers immediately take care of supply needs.

“We will check people’s medical records, ask about their physical condition and current medications, and then give distribution suggestions,” said team member Wei Guo.

Two pharmacies in Anting are operating and can meet most residents’ daily medicine needs, according to Wei. They have 1,015 types of commonly prescribed drugs, of which 420 are eligible for medical insurance reimbursement.

Priority is given to ordering medication for residents from pharmacies in the area. If they don’t have the required medication, volunteers take a person’s medical records to local hospitals for distribution.

“The one-stop distribution service can not only quickly respond to residents’ needs, but also greatly reduce the workload of hospitals and frontline staff for pandemic prevention and control,” Hong said.

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