Dispensary of Hope partnership provides better access to medicines

In 2012, Dispensary of Hope was in its infancy, but had big dreams of serving the 28 million uninsured and underinsured Americans. The organization’s mission is to provide free generic drugs through nonprofit clinics, pharmacies, and hospital dispensaries across the country.

CEO Christopher Palombo remembers the joy of seeing hundreds of drugs ready to ship for the first time. “I remember the day I walked into our warehouse, and we had double-stacked pallets full of beautiful drugs,” he said.

Over the years, the program has grown significantly with IQVIA as a partner. Today, Dispensary of Hope (DOH) collects and distributes millions of dollars in pharmaceuticals each year to pharmacies and welfare clinics across the country for distribution to low-income patients with chronic conditions.

It is not easy to break down the barriers to obtaining pharmacy board clearance from dozens of government organizations. Bill Buzzeo, Vice President of IQVIA and General Manager of the US Compliance Center of Excellence, and his team of experts were tasked with doing just that.

Buzzeo expressed his pride and satisfaction with the results. “Ensuring our customers’ compliance has always been at the heart of our concerns,” he said. “But when you step back and realize that the compliance services we provide to the DoH ultimately result in improved patient care, it underscores the importance of the work done by our team and aligns with one of the key IQVIA’s goals to improve patient care.”

Hope’s Palombo dispensary says the decision to work with IQVIA’s client was “not only inexpensive compared to the alternative of doing it ourselves, but the quality was very high”. Today, they have reached 56 manufacturers and 220 localization partners.

This alliance between the DoH and IQVIA was inspired by IQVIA’s previous contract to provide the DoH with SMART data on national sales prospects. The data included where the drugs were manufactured, market share and licensing requirements. The information was collected from a panel of wholesalers and manufacturers representing 90% of the pharmaceutical market. IQVIA was also able to tell the DoH the sources of the generic drugs it needed.

DoH supports IQVIA’s vision to be the vital partner of Healthcare through service, dedication and generosity. “One day, I hope there won’t be any uninsured in the United States,” Palombo said. “The 28 million, that’s why we’re here, it’s our vocation.”

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