Celebrating ten years of electronic efficiency for patient medication records

EPMA Award Winners (Sarah Thompson Center)

The tenth anniversary of a Stockport NHS e-prescribing system for patients was marked with a ceremony celebrating the achievement, with awards for those who helped champion the system.

Stockport NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Stepping Hill Hospital and NHS community services, was one of the first trusts in the country to implement its Electronic Prescription and Medicines Administration (EPMA) system in 2012.

The system manages all inpatient prescriptions, pharmacy reviews, and medication administrations, and helps include the safe and easy transfer of patient medications.

The system indicates where drugs should be administered and helps highlight critical doses, which greatly improves resource utilization.

The advantages of the system over the old system of written notes include a readable and clear prescription record, which improves the quality and safety of our patients, avoids the loss of prescription records, improves the efficiency of medication rounds, flag critical medications, and protect within the system to improve best practices.

The fabulous EPMA birthday cake!

In ten years, the system recorded more than 870,000 prescriptions, more than one million requests for medical supplies to the hospital pharmacy and more than 34,000,000 drug administrations.

Its successful implementation is the result of close collaboration between information and information technology personnel as well as pharmacy, nursing and other clinical colleagues.

The system started in hospital departments B4 and E2 in March 2012, before being adopted by all other medical departments later that year.

Surgery and maternity units followed in 2013, and intensive care in 2014, followed by pediatrics in 2020.

Over 15,000 employees have been trained in the use of the system over the years and there are over 1,000 logins per day.

The EPMA system used is called ‘MedChart’ provided by the Dedalus Company, which has also sponsored and provided catering awards honoring those who have helped sustain the system over the years, including a personalized bespoke cake.

Among the awards presented were best practices for patient safety for the pharmacy team, local heroes for the digital technology and support team, best system innovation for the digital development team, integration of a culture of safety for assistant head nurse Carole Sparks and the diamond team for the clinical team Digital Team.

Sarah Thompson, director of clinical information for Stockport NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Our EPMA system has been more than just a systems implementation, it goes to the heart of our trust’s business, enabling us to ‘significantly improve the efficacy and safety of our medicines over the past. decade. Implementing the system was a true team effort, with colleagues from all disciplines working together. It was great to celebrate both these achievements and teamwork with these awards.

Stepping Hill Hospital is located in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

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