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Byrd drugs sold

Posted at 9:26 p.m. on Friday, September 23, 2022

Joe Watson came into his house and said to his wife, “It’s time.

Evelyn Watson nodded in agreement.

“I’ve always been told that you know when it’s time to retire,” Joe Watson said, with a smile. “I knew ‘that’ day that it was time.”

Watson said there was nothing significant about the day – nothing stressful or eventful. He just knew it was finally time.

The Watsons have owned and operated Byrd Drugs for 54 years. Joe and Evelyn purchased his family’s pharmacy business and dedicated themselves to serving Byrd Drugs customers as if they were part of the family.

Watson, as a pharmacist, knew when “it was time”, but he also realized that the name and the tradition had to live on.

“Drugs Byrd. It was to stay Byrd Drugs and with the soda fountain,” Watson said with a smile. “And, the new owner(s) should provide the same friendly atmosphere and reliable service that Byrd Drugs has always provided.”

Watson didn’t know the man who walked into Byrd Drugs and left knowing “this is the store we need”.

The visitor from Byrd Drugs was Ron Pickens of Sneads, Florida, who is the district manager for a group of guys who own Buy Rite Drugs, an independent pharmacy with 12 stores in Florida and Alabama.

“Byrd Drugs is lucky number 13,” Pickens said with a smile. “Buy-Rite Drugs is dedicated to the same quality service and hometown atmosphere of Byrd Drugs. It’s what Joe, Evelyn and her team have been providing for 54 years and it won’t change.

Watson said residents of Troy and Pike County have always been supportive.

“People have supported us over these many years and we owe them all our gratitude for making us successful,” Watson said. “We had wonderful employees who were and are like family. I never would have thought of selling to someone who wasn’t dedicated to providing local service to the people of our hometown.

Joe and Evelyn Watson plan trips they haven’t had time to take and spend more time with family and friends. Of course, they’ll stop by Byrd Drugs once in a while and for a BLT and a vanilla shake.

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