Asymmetrex® Discusses the Impact of New Technologies for Stem Cell Dosage Determination on Stem Cell Clinical Trial Outsourcing, Gene Therapy Clinical Trials and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Asymmetrex® present at OCTNE 2022 in Boston on October 12

Stem cell assay determination will transform the stem cell clinical trial industry, including its outsourcing.

OCTNE 2022, taking place in Boston on October 12-13, is one of Arena International’s premier industry meetings to bring clinical trial sponsors together with their outsourcing partners. Much of the content and focus of the meeting will be on how to improve the flow of essential products and services to clinical trial sponsors for the best medical experiences and outcomes for clinical trial subjects and patients. .

Like previous OCTNE conferences, the October 2022 event will focus primarily on pharmaceutical clinical trial outsourcing. However, each year, as the field of regenerative medicine continues to grow, the attention given to the outsourcing of cell therapy clinical trials, including stem cell therapy trials and gene therapy trials, increases. also.

Over the past few years, stem cell biotechnology company Asymmetrex® has been a leading promoter and participant in the growing focus at OCTNE conferences on developments in the delivery and outsourcing of clinical trials in cells. strains and gene therapy clinical trials. Gene therapy trials are Asymmetrex®’s outsourcing priority because many gene therapies required the successful genetic engineering of tissue stem cells, such as hematopoietic blood stem cells.

In previous OCTNE presentations, Asymmetrex® President and CEO, James L. Sherley, MD, Ph.D., anticipated the introduction of Asymmetrex’s core innovation, kinetic counting. stem cells (KSC), in the stem cell market. Now, following Asymmetrex’s introduction of online calculators to determine the specific dose of therapeutic tissue stem cells in September of this year, Sherley plans to tell attendees at OCTNE 2022 that “determining the stem cell dose will transform the stem cell clinical trial industry, including its outsourcing. ”

Asymmetrex is now partnering with automated cell counter producer OMNI Life Science to introduce the first instrument, called CASY-PLUS, for automated rapid counting of therapeutic tissue stem cells. This capability will allow sponsors of stem cell clinical trials to know the exact dosages of stem cells in the treatments they administer to their patients for the first time in the history of more than half a century of medicine. stem cells. Outsourced suppliers of stem cell products and stem cell culture reagents will soon also be required to provide assay data.

The pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries are not excluded from the benefits of stem cell assay determination. KSC counting technology can be deployed for earlier detection of stem cell toxic drug candidates. Drugs toxic to stem cells cause chronic organ failure, resulting in an estimated loss of $4 billion to pharmaceutical companies each year. With increasing validation of the utility of KSC counting for clinical stem cell trials, Sherley expects Pharma to eventually join in the benefits of knowing stem cell assay as well.

About Asymmetrex®

Asymmetrex®, LLC is a Massachusetts life sciences company focused on developing technologies to advance stem cell medicine. The company’s US and UK patent portfolio contains biotechnologies that solve the two main technical problems – specific stem cell quantification and stem cell expansion – that have prevented more effective use of stem cells from human adult tissues for regenerative medicine and drug development. . Asymmetrex commercializes Kinetic Stem Cell Counting (KSC), the first technology for determining the dose and quality of tissue stem cell preparations for use in stem cell transplantation medicine and preclinical drug evaluations. Asymmetrex® is a member company of the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute|BioFabUSA (ARMI) and the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MassBio). The company’s development of online calculators for rapid stem cell counting was supported by R&D grants from ARMI|BioFabUSA and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

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