Aaron Carter Dead: 2022 Net Worth, Deadly Drugs + Johnny Depp-Inspired Libel Battle

Aaron Carter, younger brother of Back Street Boys singer Nick Carter, has died. He was 34 years old.

As TMZ reports, he was found in the tub, deceased. The cause of death is unclear at this time.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Carter had an estimated net worth of $400,000 at the time of his death. This is by no means substantial for someone who started a somewhat successful profession at the age of nine.

However, it’s no secret that Aaron Carter’s life was rather difficult, as evidenced by his drug use, failed relationships, and strained family ties. Even once he said that his behaviors were such that he could die prematurely.

At the age of nine, Carter released his self-titled debut album, Aaron Carter, in 1997. Aaron’s Party was the title of his second album, released in 2000. (Come Get It). Following this he released three additional albums named Oh Aaron (2001), Another Earthquake! (2001) and Love (2001). (2018).

In 2017, Carter appeared on an episode of “The Doctors.” He talked about his health issues and his desire to make a difference.

Following a series of examinations, it was determined that Carter was malnourished and putting himself at risk by mixing up the prescriptions.

Carter said he had some concerns before participating in the medical program. Before appearing in “The Doctors,” he was prone to giving up and dying, he reveals.

Carter thought the doctors had saved her life. After achieving sobriety, he gained weight, resumed his career, and was able to negotiate contracts.

However, the year 2022 arrived and he was once again in the midst of terrible news.

Aaron Carter said in September he intended to sue his ex-girlfriend Melanie Martin, saying the defamation case would be comparable to Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard.

The former teenage star, who was recently accused of breaking Melanie’s ribs, compared her goals to the high-profile trial from April to June.

The “All About You” singer’s recent accusations come less than a month after he said they rekindled their relationship. When Aaron phones the police at his house, they seem to have broken up again.

Aaron even accused Melanie of stealing expensive items from her home, including a $20,000 fur coat he bought in Utah, a Rolex watch, her 12-year-old Louis Vuitton bag, D&G shoes “dears” and the engagement ring he had given to Melanie. .

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In reaction to the recent police presence at his home, Nick Carter’s younger brother, 34, clarified the situation.

According to the Daily Mail UK, Aaron called the police at his home because Melanie “refused to leave” and “tried to provoke” the singer.

Aaron also alleged that his nine-month-old son Prince was not present and he did not see him during the entire altercation with Melanie.

The “Candy” singer also alleged that his ex-lover was illegally entering his back window and wandering around.

Although the cause of his death has not been proven, it can be assumed that his life was not easy.

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